Grow Back Your Receding Gums With The Help Of These Natural Remedies

What is gum recession?

Gum recession is the process when teeth become more visible. This happens when the margin of the gum tissue that surrounds the teeth corrodes. When the gums go back, the space between the gum line and the teeth rises. That is a perfect place for bacteria growth. Another problem that may happen is over exposure of the root of the tooth that can lead to extreme pain and sensitivity of the tooth. It will also have a negative influence over the structure and bone of the tooth that can cause losing of the tooth.

Why do gums recede?

The main reasons behind the receding gum are considered to be:

  • Insufficient dental care
  • Vigorous tooth brushing
  • Hormonal changes
  • Family history of gum disease
  • Smoking
  • Hardened plaque buildup (tartar)
  • Diabetes

How is gum recession treated?

You are lucky if you are only mildly affected by receding gums. Identifying receding gums ate an early stage means that you likely won’t require professional treatment to fix it. With the help of your dentist you will know how to address this issue.

In case you need professional treatment, your dentist will determine the best course of action. The most common treatment for gum recession is deeper cleaning called a scaling and root planing. This is a frequent solution when your gum recession is caused by periodontitis. Another solution is to have a surgical treatment. This procedure will be done by your periodontist and is called a gum graft.

How to prevent gum recession?

The good news is that there are home remedies which can help you prevent or even treat receding gum. These home remedies in combination with proper oral care can give you amazing result. However, before trying any alternative medication, consult your dentist. Do the following things for prevention:

  • a regular oral hygiene
  • avoid aggressive brushing
  • brush the teeth in a circular motion
  • use a toothbrush with soft bristles and a small head
  • use dental floss
  • use a mouthwash after every meal

Homemade recipes for preventing and growing back receding gums

1. Green tea


How it helps: It is abundant in antioxidants which improve the overall health. These properties of the green tea eliminate free radicals which might cause a periodontal disease. And Its anti-inflammatory properties will lower the swelling of the gums that cause oral diseases and help them heal properly.
How to apply: Brew a cup of green tea in the morning or in the afternoon.

2. Aloe Vera

How it helps: It’s anti-inflammatory effects help tissue restoration and prevent infections.
How to apply: You can apply aloe Vera as a mouthwash or as a gel. Add the gel to your toothbrush and brushed onto your teeth, use it after normal brushing. After brushing, wash your mouth thoroughly. Alternatively, you can mix the gel with water to create a mouth wash.

3. Eucalyptus

How it helps: It eradicates unwanted germs from the mouth when used orally and offer anti-inflammatory benefits.
How to apply: Mix the oil with some water and apply the mixture to a brush, then gently apply the mixture to your gums.

4. Oil pulling

How it helps: This may be one of the most effective treatments. You can use sesame oil, coconut oil or clove oil. Sesame oil reduces toxins and plagues in your mouth, coconut oil fights against bacteria and diseases, while clove oil helps to prevent gum recession.
How to apply:
Sesame oil: Warm the sesame oil, but don’t overheat it. Brush your teeth and take sesame oil in your mouth. Gargle it and swirl it around your mouth. Do this for a few minutes (15 to 20 minutes if possible).
Coconut oil: Brush your teeth and then take a little bit of coconut oil and use it as a mouthwash. Once again, do the method 1 to 2 minutes and increase gradually. The goal is 15 to 20 minutes daily.
Clove oil: Gently massage clove oil into gums for a few minutes, or you can gently chew on a clove to release the oil.

5. Myrrh

How it helps: With the resin which myrrh contains it can halt the progress of receding gums.
How to apply: You can apply it as a powder, a toothpaste, as well as a mouth rinse. Just massage the myrrh paste for several minutes to enjoy the benefits.

Don’t neglect dental health! Your oral health is very important and a great indicator of your general wellness.

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