This Woman Cured Her Stage 4 Cancer With Only One Ingredient!

Ann Cameron is a famous children’s book writer. Most of the people know her as a person who has cured Stage 4 colon cancer in a natural way. She used only one ingredient!

After she was diagnosed, she underwent a surgery to remove the cancer. However, she didn’t want to receive chemotherapy treatment or radiation. After an extensive reading on the matter, she decided to try an alternative method. She decided to cure her cancer by drinking carrot juice.

She was inspired by the story of Ralph Core, a 26 year old with skin cancer, who cured his cancer with 2.5 kilograms of carrot juice daily. Ann Cameron followed his example and started drinking carrot juice daily with the same doses every day.

Cancer appears when the body is not able to eliminate rogue cells, cells that take over the body if they don’t quit dividing. Therefore, carrots restore the body’s natural power to regulate growth and  to kill defective cells. During conventional treatment there are many supplements that are prohibited. Carrot juice is not one of them. Moreover, it is perfectly compatible with simultaneous radiation or chemo. However, Ann chose to drink just carrots because she was scared of the side effects of chemotherapy.


So, she cured cancer only with carrot consumption. Every morning she prepared carrot juice (about 64 oz) which lasted throughout the day. She kept it in tight pitchers, or mason jars to keep it fresh and potent throughout the day. She consumed about 8-12 oz at a time: early morning, mid-morning, lunchtime, afternoon, dinnertime, and before bed. After 8 weeks, the cancer stopped spreading. And after 8 months the cancer was gone.

Since then, others with a variety of cancers have reported similar successes. She has also written a book called ‘Curing Cancer with Carrots’. In this book, she shares little-known research that is revolutionizing scientific thinking about cancer and how to treat it. She claims that genes aren’t our destiny and neither is cancer.

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