UNBELIEVABLE! Castor Oil and Baking Soda can Treat More than 24 Health Problems!

Castor oil is often considered to be a remedy for constipation, but it is also used for many other healing and beauty enhancing treatments. Castor oil is a substance that dissolves and remove tumors, abnormal growths, swellings, and cysts. This is a cheap remedy and it has plenty of positive effects and health benefits.

For some inexplicable reason, the addition of baking soda makes this treatment more effective. This combination can treat more than 24 health problems. Continue reading to become more familiar with their performance.

Note: Always use Baking Soda to clean the skin first.

How to make a castor oil coating?

You will need:

  • cold pressed castor oil
  • clean gauze
  • a towel
  • a bottle of warm water
  • a plastic foil

Warm the oil and apply it on the afflicted area by soaking the gauze in it. The area has to be covered with foil. Put the bottle with warm water on it and wrap with the towel. Let it stand for 1 hour. Repeat this treatment daily for 40 days.

Benefits of Castor Oil and Baking Soda

  1. Treat cuts, bruises and burns.
  2. Speed up the healing process (Put a castor oil coating on a strained ankle overnight).
  3. Reduce stretch marks (Massage the area with castor oil).
  4. Eliminate dark spots on the skin.
  5. Cure cataract (Put a drop of castor oil in your eyes before going to bed).
  6. Cure chronic coarseness and vocal cord nodules (Apply a castor oil coating on the neck).
  7. Eliminate pilonidal cysts effectively.
  8. Treat allergies (Drink 5 drops of the oil every day).
  9. Treat eye allergies (Rub some castor oil on your eyelids before going to bed).
  10. Reduce nicotine and alcohol addiction (Drink a couple of drops of castor oil every day).
  11. Stimulate hair growth (Massage your scalp with castor oil every day).
  12. Improve hearing (Drop a few castor oil drops in your ears).
  13. Remove tinnitus (Drink 6-8 drops of the oil daily for 4 months).
  14. Reduce back pain (Apply castor oil coating on your back for a week).
  15. Relieve diarrhea (Apply castor oil coating on your stomach).
  16. Eliminate warts (Rub castor oil).
  17. Relieve fungal infections on the feet
  18. Remove calcium deposits.
  19. Eliminate moles.
  20. Treat hyperactivity (Apply castor oil on your stomach).
  21. Treat hepatitis.
  22. Treat skin cancer.
  23. Treat bee stings and reduce the swelling.
  24. Stop snoring (Apply castor oil coatings on your stomach for 2 weeks).

Article source: www.healthyfoodstar.com