There Are 4 Types of Bellies: What Is Yours and How to Get Rid of It

If you are dealing with excess inches around your waist, first you should learn what caused those excess inches and then get rid of them.

There are several types of bellies and all of them are caused by different reasons.

A flat tire belly

A belly that looks like a flat tire is a result of spending too much in a sitting position and not being physically active. Moreover, sugary foods contribute a lot to this condition.

To get rid of it, you need to avoid drinking alcohol and soft drinks. You need to eat healthy food.

A belly as a result from stress

A low, rounded tummy can appear in those who have problems with digestion and bloating. You can get rid of it by stop skipping meals and stop consuming fast food.


A low belly

A soft tummy in the lower abdomen is usually related with not being active after a meal. It appears in people who are not physically active.

These people need to exercise and eat a healthy diet, including natural juices. You will get rid of this type of belly successfully by following these tips.

A bloated stomach

People having a bloated stomach, usually get it as a result of food that your body doesn’t like, or if you have specific allergies to certain foods.

These people can get rid of it need to consume beverages that affect the digestive system positively. They don’t need to be very physically active, but they need to eat a balanced diet.

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