Complete Restoration Of Bones, Tendons, Joints And Total Elimination Of Pain­ With Just One Ingredient

Joints form the connections between bones. They provide support and help you move. If your joints are damaged, it can interfere with your movement and cause a lot of pain. If you suffer from any kind of pain, there is a high possibility that the pain will increase as you age. Fortunately, there is a natural solution for this issue- plain gelatin.

Why does it work?

Gelatin contains collagen which helps in natural strengthening of bones and joints, and giving the elasticity of connecting tissues. Moreover, gelatin reduces inflammation pain associated with osteoarthritis, the most common form of arthritis. Regular consumption of gelatin will provide numerous health benefits, and what’s more, it has no significant side effects.

How to prepare it?


  • 150 grams of gelatin (150 gr – for a course of treatment for a month)
  • Cold water



In the evening, pour 5 g gelatin (two flat teaspoon) in a quarter cup of cold (from the fridge) water. Stir and let it stand until the morning (you do not have to keep it in the fridge). It will swell and turn into jelly.

Drink the mixture in the morning on an empty stomach. Instead of water, you can also use milk, yogurt or tea. The course of treatment is one month. You can repeat the treatment again in 6 months.

What are the risks?

When eaten in foods gelatin is considered safe, but gelatin supplements may have some side effects. Gelatin supplements can cause side effects such as: upset stomach, burping and bloating. Moreover, some people have allergic reactions to gelatin.

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