This Is The Healthiest Food In The World Since It Resolves Hypertension, Cholesterol, Heart Attacks And Prevents Stroke

Dates are an excellent source of fiber, necessary for proper function of the digestive system and contain natural sugar, which is an excellent substitute for the ordinary sugar. They are packed with nutrients which make dates a sort of a multivitamin pill, good for both children and adults.

As an amazing super food, they solve numerous health issues, such as anemia, cholesterol, cancer and many others. Moreover, dates improve the overall health significantly.

Read more to know why they are so good and healthy and about their benefits:

1. Stop and Prevent Diarrhea

Dates are rich in potassium, which is an essential mineral. Because of this, they stop diarrhea, soothe the intestines and the belly flora and promote healthy bacteria. Moreover, dates contain calcium, a mineral that has proven to be efficient in stopping diarrhea.

2. Iron Complete

100g of dates can contain about 0.90 mg of iron. This number equals an amazing 11% of the preferred daily intake. This is useful for people with anemia, children and pregnant women as well. Iron is responsible for hemoglobin and red blood cells so it has a better flow of oxygen to the blood.

3. Less Constipation

To relieve constipation just place dates in clean water during the night and the next morning, consume the dissolved juices to enhance the bowel’s performance. It is the most natural laxative ever.


4. Promote Good Body Weight

Dates contain no cholesterol and sugar, so they can provide a feeling of satiety and support the weight loss process. If you take only one date on an empty stomach, it will balance and control the work of the intestines and balance the blood sugar level too.

5. Regulate Cholesterol

Dates can reduce the bad cholesterol and clean the blood vessels. Moreover, dates can stop fat to reach the heart for clots.

6. Improve Heart Health

Dates are amazing for the heart. You should put the dates soaked in water overnight. In the morning, strain it and remove the seeds. Blend seeds with water and consume during the day.

7. Regulate Blood Pressure

Dates have tiny amounts of sodium and they are rich in potassium. This makes them beneficial for patients with hypertension. Also, 5-6 dates contain 80mg magnesium. This mineral promotes blood flow and reduces the pressure.

8. Prevent Stoke

The potassium in dates is beneficial for the nervous system too. Just 400mg or more of potassium a day can reduce the risk of stroke by 40 percent.

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