Tips on how to prevent cataracts

Tips on how to prevent cataracts

The saying that “prevention is better than cure” is true. People are not working based on this quote. If everyone can think about the reality in the above saying, then people will not be battling cataracts here in Sydney and worldwide. Once you have a cataract and you don’t take care of it, life as a whole will have no meaning to you. Some people believe that the eye is the king of the body in some parts of the world. Once there’s a fault in the eye, then the whole body is a mess. I will implore you to please pay attention to this write-up.

If some people with cataracts were with relevant information on preventing it, they wouldn’t have spent that considerable amount of money on cataract surgery. Don’t be deceived. Cataract surgery is expensive. At least we can say much about the charges of some eye clinics here in Sydney. Apart from the money spent, the outcome of doing cataract surgery cannot be compared with the natural lens at work in your eyes. Visit to learn about cataract surgery in Australia.

Tips on how to prevent cataracts

What am I saying in essence? Cataract surgery is the process of eradicating the lens of your eyes and then replacing it with an artificial lens. A cataract surgery must be done once the natural lens in man’s eyes gives an outcome that is not pleasing to man. The moment you notice that things are looking blurry or dim, then there’s a problem. So, would you pay rapt attention to this write-up to know how you can prevent cataracts? Also, it would be nice to discuss some causes of cataracts briefly. Of course, there are several causes of cataracts, but some of them are;

  • Smoking can cause cataracts.
  • Overproduction of oxidants
  • Infrared radiation is also one of the causes of cataract
  • The long-term use of steroids and other medications
  • Some certain diseases like diabetes can cause cataracts
  • Trauma
  • Radiation therapy

But before we move to the details on how to prevent cataracts, we would like to chip in some cataract symptoms. 

What are the symptoms of cataracts? 

Once you notice these signs in your eyes, then you have a cataract. And if care is not taken, one may end up doing cataract surgery. Some common symptoms of cataracts include; 

  • Blurry vision: This refers to a situation whereby things look dim and seems to be cloudy. With these symptoms, one will not be able to see something.
  • Trouble seeing at night: At times, one may find it so hard to do some nighttime activities like driving and other activities related to the usage of sight at night.
  • Seeing colors as faded: This is one of the symptoms of cataract. It is the situation whereby colors become disappeared in one’s sight.
  • Double vision: One may begin to experience double vision in the affected eye. 
  • A need for frequent changes in prescription glasses.
  • Halos surrounding lights.
  • Increased sensitivity to glare.

However, if you want to reduce the risk of getting cataracts, these are the things one must focus on:

Protect your eyes from UVB rays

What are UVB rays? UVB rays are invisible rays that are part of the energy that comes from the sun. It causes sunburn, darkening, and thickening of the outer layer of the skin. UVB rays do cause problems with the eyes and the immune system. Therefore, how can you protect your eyes from UVB rays? One can only save his eyes from these invisible rays by wearing sunglasses in the sun. If you don’t want to end up doing cataract surgery, then it is expedient for you to get sunglasses to prevent the rays of sunlight from entering your eyes.

Doing regular checkup

One of the ways to prevent your eyes from getting cataracts is to always go for a regular checkup. If you do not experience cataract surgery, then you must have a routine eye test. Your eye doctor must examine your eyes from time to time. Doing an eye test will help you to know the conditions of your eyes. Perhaps, when carrying out the eye test, some traces of cataracts might be seen. Therefore, it …